Vegan Restaurants: ヴィーガン

So, I am not a vegan, but I really enjoy many of the local vegan (some are only vegan-friendly not exclusively vegan) spots here in Okinawa. Many places will serve items on the menu without the meat (etc) if you ask, but if you are not very good at Japanese, that may not really be an option.

Here is a current list of places where you can find vegan (and vegetarian) friendly food while in Okinawa: *please note some places may be ONLY vegetarian-friendly, not vegan-friendly due to my ignorance, so always check ahead of time.


Ukishima Garden: Pretty good place located in Naha. 2-12-3 Matsuo, Naha

Mana: Nice cozy place where you can get a plate lunch in Naha; they can get busy for dinner so get a reservation in advance. 1-6-9 Tsuboya, Naha

Kintsubo: Taiwanese. 1-7-9 Tsuboya, Naha

Rakurobi Kitchen: Macrobiotic (mostly) vegan. Follow the link to the blog post I wrote.

Cafe Grandma: Yonabaru. 1423-1 Itarashiki, Yonabaru

Yama-No-Chaya Rakusui: Definitely vegetarian friendly, but not sure about vegan. Love this location and food. I wrote a previous blog post on this place.

Ie-jima Shimabukuro 伊江島 食の家 しまぶくろ: Located in Naha, this place serves Okinawan soul food with vegan and vegetarian options. The chef has challenged himself to make hometown food for everyone to enjoy. 3-10 Makishi, Naha 900-0013


Rice Beat: I love this place, the owner/chef is fantastic and I always enjoy my meals here. 2-1-13 Oojana, Ginowan Owner is closed until further notice, possibly moving locations.

Sprout: 28 Samashita, Ginowan

L’Orange: Has some vegan muffins, and they are pretty darn good. 1-21-5 Kiyuna, Ginowan

Ploughman’s: Unfortunately, this place has caught on with a lot of people, and reservations are recommended even for lunch. But it is delicious. 927-2 Adaniya, Kitanakagusuku

Rockers: Okay food, unfortunately in American Village, so not an area I go to a lot. I got the vegan burger and my husband the curry set, both were okay but not spectacular. 9-39 Mihama, Chatan 2F

Bollywood Dreams: I don’t really recommend this place; it is a bit overpriced, slooooow service, and the food is not that great. But they do have vegetarian and vegan curries on the menu. Located in American Village: *update: they now have 2 locations in American village.


Dechibika: This place is in Yomitan, an area I rarely visit due to the high traffic of Americans. I have not been here, but people rave about their curry, so I will have to bite the bullet sometime soon. 648-1 Furugen, Yomitan

Gubgub’s: Vegan junk food, also in Yomitan, alas I have yet to visit but hear very good things. 410 Toya, Yomitan

Suien bakery: LOVE. Delicious sandwiches and located in Yomitan. Go early as it gets busy. 367 Zakimi, Yomitan

Shizen Inu: Another vegan restaurant located in Yomitan. 183 Furugen, Yomitan

Bakery and Cafe Coo: LOVE. Delicious sandwiches in Motobu peninsula by Nakijin-jo. 3313 Imadomari, Nakijin

There are a few others that I know of, but have not had a chance to visit yet. And maybe 1 or 2 that were not good and they simply do not go on the list (Example: Jai Thai in American Village… I simply cannot understand why anyone would go there, it is highly NOT recommended unless you like to spend a lot of money on terrible food). These restaurant are a majority veg-friendly; there are even more restaurants with a few veg options, but I cannot possibly list them all…


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