**This place has sadly closed. They have a sister restaurant in Naha, Trattoria Lamp, however.

Pasta Pasta Pasta and Deli HOUSE is a nice pasta restaurant located in Urasoe. NOTE: This is not the same as the sub-par restaurant called Pasta Pasta!! This place is excellent; they probably have the best Italian noodles on island. The menu looks confusing but is actually easy: there are 3-4 types of pasta always available, plus 3 more on the blackboard that change regularly. First, pick the one that sounds most delicious. From here, you can make the servings bigger or smaller if you so desire (price changes), and add toppings such as cheese or ham. Then you can add on salad, appetizers, drink, dessert, etc, or even a course menu. The menu is entirely in Japanese, no English. For a noodle lover like me, this place is amazing; my husband thought it was good, but pricey (dishes run ~1300-1600yen). It was not a very cheap lunch, but it was high quality, especially for what you normally get for Italian-style food in Okinawa. I got the genovese pesto pasta both times I went, and my husband got the ragu meat sauce pasta when I took him. The salad is made with organic greens, and part salad, part Italian-style pickles– yum.

The interior is super clean and modern looking, a very stylish and trendy place to have dinner or a nice lunch. The view is fairly nice too, since it is on a hill.

Something to keep in mind: this place gets BUSY. Even during the week during lunch you might consider getting reservations. There are a few parking spaces across the way, just make sure to park in the ones marked HOUSE.


address: 2 Chome-15-1 Takushi, Urasoe-shi, Okinawa-ken 901-2112



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