Panya Ura is a bakery in Urasoe, off a back road. There really is not any parking (maybe 1 space by the shop), but this places is well worth a visit.

I was just going to stop for a quick bread to eat at my laboratory desk… but then, I saw the curious long “kuru kuru” くるくる roll. Kurukuru is one of the many sound effects words (like onomatopoeia); it means to spin round and round, or to spiral, sort of like a windmill.

Anyway, there were 2 types: one labelled coffee コーヒー and one labelled beniimo 紅芋 (purple sweet potato). They were long spirally filled breads, so I impulsively decided to purchase a coffee kurukuru slice. I thought it was just one slice, but it turned out to be 5 slices for a mere 270yen! I was surprised (and delighted). Honestly, it was much more than I was expecting, so I felt it was a pretty good price.

As she handed me the bag, I could feel that it was still fresh and warm from the oven! Now my stomach was growling. As I bit off a piece, I was transported back to those Sunday coffee socials at church. It was so soft and had cinnamon, walnuts, raisins, and a hint of coffee flavor… it reminded me so much of those American soft breads and cinnamon swirls baked by the older church ladies, piled on the table of the Parish hall that we would run to as a child the minute the final hymn was sung in church. Who would guess such things could exist in the shop on a back road of Okinawa? It was delicious and nostalgic all at once. If you happen to be in this area of Okinawa, please give this small shop your business!





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