The other day I tried out yet another cute cafe in Okinawa, this one located in Tomigusuku (south part of the island). It is called Maitoparta, and specializes in waffles, as well as having some gourmet coffees. Technically, this is a "dessert cafe" not a breakfast cafe. Well, whatever, I ate brunch here anyway. You … Continue reading Maitoparta

Okinawa limes: Shikwasa シークヮーサー

To explain this one is a little tricky. You will see various spellings in both Japanese and English! シークヮーサー or シークァーサー or シークワーサー all mean "Citrus depressa,"  a type of lime grown here in the Ryukyu islands. It is romanized as shikwasa (most common), shikuwasa, or shiquasa. In Japanese, it is also known as ヒラミレモン hirami … Continue reading Okinawa limes: Shikwasa シークヮーサー

Okinawa Star Sand: 星砂

星砂 Hoshizuna: star sand There is also 太陽の砂 taiyou no suna: sun sand These 2 types of sands are similar but are actually two different microorganism skeletons. Many people just call both of them star sand, not realizing there is a difference. Where can you find star and sun sand? While you may be able … Continue reading Okinawa Star Sand: 星砂

Kochi Gusuku: 幸地グスク

Kochi gusuku is another small castle ruins site that I came across, like Tanabaru gusuku, also located in Nishihara. Again, not really interesting enough to make it onto the original post about the gusuku ruins in Okinawa, but a nice hidden location on top of a hill with a view. Mostly just another attempt at … Continue reading Kochi Gusuku: 幸地グスク

Tanabaru Gusuku: 棚原グスク

グスク gusuku: in Japanese, it is actually 城 (shiro), meaning "castle." Though I have recently learned that the entomology of the word "gusuku" is controversial, and could have come about several ways. Anyway, if you see the word "gusuku" in Okinawa, it typically refers to a stone castle or fortress type structure (in ruins these … Continue reading Tanabaru Gusuku: 棚原グスク

Bagel’s Mee 3: ベーグル屋ミスり

ベーグル beh-gu-ru: bagel While recently in the Nago area (North part of the island), I finally stopped by this small bagel shop called Bagel's Mee 3. I had passed it before a few times, but I think it was always closed for some reason or another, or maybe previously I just couldn't tell it was … Continue reading Bagel’s Mee 3: ベーグル屋ミスり

Beer Gardens in Okinawa: ビアガーデン

ビアガーデン bia gaaden: beer garden Summer in Japan would not be complete with beer gardens. In Okinawa, there are a few around this time of year. They typically have nomihoudai 飲み放題 and tabehoudai 食べ放題 (all-you-can-drink/eat) plans. Some of these beer gardens are very popular, so it is important to get a reservation. This year, my … Continue reading Beer Gardens in Okinawa: ビアガーデン

Loisir Hotel Onsen (Miegusuku Onsen)

In a continuation of a series of posts about onsen in Okinawa, this describes my experience at the onsen on the premises of the Loisir Hotel in Naha, Miegusuku onsen 三重城温泉. Since today was a public holiday, I decided to relax a bit by visiting one of the few onsen you can find in Okinawa. … Continue reading Loisir Hotel Onsen (Miegusuku Onsen)

Kin Kannonji (temple) & Awamori Cave

In Kin town 金武町 (Northern part of Okinawa), there is a temple and limestone cave where a shrine is located as well as bottles of awamori 泡盛 are stored for aging. The first thing you need to know is that there are 2 entrances to the cave: the one at the temple is free, but … Continue reading Kin Kannonji (temple) & Awamori Cave

Grape Picking in Okinawa: ぶどう狩り

ぶどう, ブドウ, or 葡萄 budou means "grapes." 狩り kari means "hunting" which in this context means more like "picking fruit." Believe it or not, there are 2 farms located in Nakijin (North part of Okinawa, not far from Nakijin castle 今帰仁城) that have grape picking for a short time in July. One is Komesu vineyard … Continue reading Grape Picking in Okinawa: ぶどう狩り