Miso 味噌 in Okinawa, part II

Previously I made a post about a special type of miso found in Okinawa, called andansu. But this is not the only miso you will find, as you can find all the regular Japanese varieties of miso as well. Sometimes you can find locally produced miso, and other brands will be big nation-wide corporate brands … Continue reading Miso 味噌 in Okinawa, part II


Culture Day: 文化の日

文化 bunka: culture 文化の日 bunka-no-hi: Culture Day In Japan, on November 3rd is "Culture Day," a national public holiday. In our village, there was a culture celebration held the following weekend. Various village products were promoted, and people did various types of performances at the local auditorium. Not just our village, many many surrounding towns … Continue reading Culture Day: 文化の日

Beaujolais Nouveau Day: 3rd Thursday of November

ボジョレー・ヌーヴォー Beaujolais Noveau in katakana. In 2017, Beaujolais Nouveau Day was November 16th.  It is a red wine made from Gamay grapes in the Beaujolais region of France. It is the most popular "vin de primeur," being fermented for only a few weeks before being released for sale on the third Thursday of November. Beaujolais Nouveau … Continue reading Beaujolais Nouveau Day: 3rd Thursday of November

Bali Noon Bali Moon

I finally went to Bali Noon Bali Moon in the Plaza House shopping center near Aeon Rycom Mall; they were on my list of places to try for awhile. The biggest reason I wanted to go: tempeh (テンペ ten-peh in Japanese). This place makes their own tempeh... and it is sooooo much tastier AND cheaper … Continue reading Bali Noon Bali Moon

Prefectural Product Fairs

Often times there are prefecture or area product fairs that travel to Okinawa. One of the best locations to host these is the Ryubo department Palette Kumoji store in Naha, though often times you can find smaller scale fairs set up in the Aeon and SanA malls. Kyoto and Hokkaido seem to be the most … Continue reading Prefectural Product Fairs

Finding Totoro in Sayama Hills, Saitama Prefecture

狭山丘陵 Sayama Hills トトロの森 Totoro Woods 埼玉県 Saitama Prefecture The Friday afternoon of the last weekend in October, I took a quick flight up to Tokyo... where I then took a train from the airport to Ikebukuro Station 池袋駅, and then to Tokorozawa station 所沢駅. The train ride from Ikebukuro to Tokorozawa was 20 minutes … Continue reading Finding Totoro in Sayama Hills, Saitama Prefecture

Vegan Ramen in Okinawa

There is a place called Stripe Noodles in Chatan, Okinawa (outside of the American Village area) that serves a type of vegan ramen (in addition to several meaty ramen types, predominantly know for their "steak ramen"). This place is very Americanized and a significant majority of the customers are foreigners, especially American. It becomes obvious … Continue reading Vegan Ramen in Okinawa

Minatogawa Stateside Town: 港川

Minatogawa 港川 is located in Urasoe 浦添市; in this neighborhood is an area called "Stateside Town." It is old military housing which has been converted into trendy small cafes and shops. First thing I must mention: parking can be AWFUL. There is only one pay parking lot, and while some of the shops have their … Continue reading Minatogawa Stateside Town: 港川

Places for Wagashi 和菓子 in Okinawa

和菓子 wagashi: Japanese style sweets 製菓 seika: confectionary Another post that has been sitting in my drafts folder for way to long. So here it is. There are many types of wagashi. Here in Okinawa, it is difficult to find ones that are nearly as intricate, beautiful, and delicious as the mainland, but there are … Continue reading Places for Wagashi 和菓子 in Okinawa

Yuinchi Hotel: Onsen and Buffet

This blog post is long overdue... it has been sitting in my drafts folder for many months, so here it goes. It seems foreigners are interested in trying out onsen while in Okinawa, so here is a continuation of my Okinawa onsen posts. Yuinchi Hotel and Spa ユインチホテル in Nanjo is home to Enjin-no-yu 猿人の湯, … Continue reading Yuinchi Hotel: Onsen and Buffet