Sans Souci (& Sudachi udon)

Summer in Okinawa can get pretty hot and humid. What better way to refresh than with sudachi udon? Citrusy, salty, and cold. Sans Souci in Kitanakagusuku is a Ryukyu x Kyoto style cafe. It is no secret... everybody knows about this place! This cafe is listed in all the cafe books and travel guides for … Continue reading Sans Souci (& Sudachi udon)


Coffee: Saving some ¥en (and the Earth, too) in Okinawa

It has been awhile since I have made any updates (I keep meaning to) and I have visited dozens of new cafes and tried new local foods. But I will save those for a little later. Recently it was brought to my attention that some people were unaware of some little yen-saving (and eco-conscious) tricks … Continue reading Coffee: Saving some ¥en (and the Earth, too) in Okinawa

How Tsu 好吃: Steamed manjuu and Tea

How Tsu 好吃 is a hidden gem in back neighborhood of Ginowan, a small cafe with tea and steamed buns. It is not too difficult to find, but if you didn't know about it, you probably wouldn't have followed the signs to get there. The signs lead you to a small alley, with about 1 … Continue reading How Tsu 好吃: Steamed manjuu and Tea

Nuchigafu: Afternoon Bukubuku tea set

Another bukubuku-cha post! Sorry, I cannot help myself, I love tea culture. So one afternoon I set out on a mission, and asked if my husband would join me. We headed for the Tsuboya yachimun (pottery) district of Naha. Specifically to the popular Ryukyu-style restaurant, Nuchigafu ぬちがふう(命果報). This place gained much popularity after the Jimami … Continue reading Nuchigafu: Afternoon Bukubuku tea set

Another Vegan Ramen option in Okinawa: Orange Shokudo

Today started as any normal Sunday. It is the monthly Sunrise Market in Naha, and my husband wanted to go. So we set off and parked our car in the Noren Plaza のうれんプラザ as is our usual spot. The monthly market is quite nice and we always find some ono grinds here. Anyway, after we … Continue reading Another Vegan Ramen option in Okinawa: Orange Shokudo

Shuri Kannondo & Gassho Conan: 首里観音堂&合掌コナン

In Japan, it is still the New year holidays so I decided to take a small venture out. In Shuri area, there are 4 popular temples that enshrine guardian gods assigned to all 12 of the zodiac animals. While I should have gone to Daruma temple because it enshrines the deity of the year of … Continue reading Shuri Kannondo & Gassho Conan: 首里観音堂&合掌コナン

“Happy New Year” in Okinawan language

いい そーぐゎち でーびる ii sougwachi debiru In Japanese, this is more equivalent to 良い正月で御座います (yoi shougatsu de gozaimasu), rather than 明けましておめでとう御座います (akemashite omedetou gozaimasu). そーぐゎち sougwachi is 正月 shogatsu in Japanese, New Year in English.

Iheya Island 伊平屋島: Camping

Iheya Island is the northernmost inhabited island of Okinawa and renown for its natural beauty. In this post I will describe how to get there, cost, and some of the "tourist spots." This previous weekend, I convinced my husband to try camping in a tent (first time ever for him). While there was initial resistance, … Continue reading Iheya Island 伊平屋島: Camping

Sennichi: 千日

The other day I was in the Naha area, and craving a snack. And what did I come across, but this cute little place called Sennichi. They sell Okinawa soba, zenzai, shave ice, and taiyaki~ The red bean filling inside the taiyaki was perfect, and 1 piece for only 110yen! Ono! You can eat there … Continue reading Sennichi: 千日

Coffee Stand Hibari-ya: 珈琲屋台ひばり屋

An oasis in the middle of Naha's concrete jungle: Hibari-ya coffee stand. I wandered through the back alley, promising my husband a cup of coffee was waiting for him. Sure enough, we came upon what looked like someone's backyard garden. We went up to the nice lady owner in the booth and ordered 2 iced … Continue reading Coffee Stand Hibari-ya: 珈琲屋台ひばり屋