Personal Seals: Hanko 判子 and Inkan 印鑑

Hanko 判子: refers to the actual physical seal Inkan 印鑑: refers to the ink Hanko and inkan are "personal seals" or "stamps"; the terms seem to be used interchangeably among native speakers, so I would not be too concerned about which word to use when. Since many other articles discuss these, I won't get into all the details … Continue reading Personal Seals: Hanko 判子 and Inkan 印鑑

Stamp Rally: スタンプラリー

スタンプラリー Stamp rally. This is probably what it sounds like... As a visitor, you may notice in some places (especially tourist sites) there are large stamps and ink pads. They sometimes have intricate designs, representative of the town or historic site. Sometimes they are just cartoon characters. But whichever they are, they usually serve a … Continue reading Stamp Rally: スタンプラリー