Miso 味噌 in Okinawa, part II

Previously I made a post about a special type of miso found in Okinawa, called andansu. But this is not the only miso you will find, as you can find all the regular Japanese varieties of miso as well. Sometimes you can find locally produced miso, and other brands will be big nation-wide corporate brands … Continue reading Miso 味噌 in Okinawa, part II

Miso chiffon cake, Yume Koubou: 菊みそ加工所夢工房

Today was full of adventure. One reason was Kiku Miso Dream Factory 菊みそ夢工房 in Yaese. This place makes homemade miso... and chiffon cakes! I read about this place on a Japanese-Okinawa news site. It talked about tasty fluffy chiffon cakes, and the number one seller was made with miso. Well, who can pass that up?! … Continue reading Miso chiffon cake, Yume Koubou: 菊みそ加工所夢工房

Miso in Okinawa: 味噌

味噌: miso, also seen on packages as みそ in hiragana. A popular ingredient throughout Japan. Here in Okinawa, there is a local specialty miso called andansu アンダンスー, but it can also labeled 油みそ (abura miso) or even 肉みそ (niku miso) for the pork based or かつお (katsuo) for the katsuo based. It is miso with … Continue reading Miso in Okinawa: 味噌