Retro Kissaten in Okinawa: 沖縄のレトロな喫茶店

喫茶店 kissaten: traditional Japanese tearoom/coffeeshop serving drinks, sweets and light meals; often they have a nostalgic vibe as most of the shops look as if they're stuck in time. I have a thing for the retro kissaten. Something about them just feels peaceful once you step through the front door. Sure, there are tons of trendy, … Continue reading Retro Kissaten in Okinawa: 沖縄のレトロな喫茶店

A Happy Pancake: 幸せパンケーキ

幸せパンケーキ shiawase pancake literally means "happy pancake"... it is the name of a very popular pancake chain started in Osaka (also with locations in Tokyo), known for their incredibly fluffy pancakes, keeping up the Japanese trending love for pancakes. Very recently, they opened a cafe in Okinawa, on Senaga-jima 瀬長島 in the Umikaji Terrace ウミカジテラス (umikaji … Continue reading A Happy Pancake: 幸せパンケーキ